Developing the new technology to ensure high-quality groundwater and drinking water for the future.


The vision of AQUAPLEXUS is to develop a tool that will be one of the key elements to ensure high quality groundwater and drinking water for the future.

Today, all stakeholders in the water supply value chain face the common major problem of not knowing the real water quality of groundwater and drinking water. The reason for this is that current monitoring strategies rely solely on analytical methods that are designed to look for specific compounds. Consequently, contaminants not under consideration are not looked for and their presence therefore remain unexposed. Eventually, this may lead to costly and unpleasant surprises as mitigation actions may be targeted towards irrelevant contaminants, while other contaminants may be discovered randomly with time, e.g., when new analytical methods become available.

The AQUAPLEXUS project solves this problem by developing a novel multi-faceted tool that:

a) assembles cutting-edge omics-based technology comprising the complete chemical fingerprint of a water sample,

b) enables prioritization to pinpoint problematic contaminants, and

c) contains a data storage solution to establish a water data archive for retrospective analysis.

Claus Kjøller
Head of Department, Geochemistry
The Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland (GEUS)